Bake with your loved ones!

Discover the joy of baking with your loved ones. This e-book is the first in a series. Simple recipes, step by step-instruction with pictures and YouTube-links to make the baking easier and more fun. This first book is inspired by Valentins day but the recepies can be used for any other day.
Ipad med e-boken Mimmas enkla favoriter

Fun and easy for the whole family

The book comes with a number of fun and learning videos, which the children appreciate and make the baking more fun and easier.

About me

My name is Mimma, and in this book you will come to follow some good and fun recipes together with me and children from my big family. For many years I have had my own bakery in a small village Vellinge in the south of Sweden. When my sons were younger, we tried all the cookies in the world and I cherish the unforgettable time we spend baking together.

It is exactly this lovely felling that I would love to share with you. So turn off the TV and computer and enjoy a time of sweet creativity with your loved ones – start baking together, simply, it enriches life in so many ways.